Immersion Chill (Inline/Combined)
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Immersion Chill (Inline/Combined)
ALSO AVAILABLE AS AN IN-LINE SOLUTION FOR UPGRADING AIR CHILLLING CAPACITY If the end product is to be sold deep-frozen, chilling carcasses in a counter-flow screw chiller can be a fast and efficient method. We offer various solutions for this method of chilling. If the end product is to be sold fresh, many processors prefer air chilling. Ever higher line speeds, however, often come with a lack of space to accommodate the additional air chilling equipment necessary for the increased line speed. For such situations we offer a combination of air chilling and in-line immersion chillling. In-line immersion chilling is done in one or more tanks filled with cold water through which broilers are transported in the shackle. The technique makes use of water’s ability to chill product up to 50% more quickly than air without disturbing the inline process whilst keeping all the advantages of air chilling.
C-III Counterflow Screw Chiller The counterflow principle is an efficient off-line way to chill products.
In-line Immersion Chiller Combines immersion chilling with air chilling.
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