Marinating & Tumbling
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Marinating & Tumbling
IN-LINE MARINATING AND INJECTING: POPULAR AND PROFITABLE The market for ready to cook products continues to grow. Injecting and marinating all kinds of bone-in and de-boned products are very popular. These techniques add more value to your products and offer interesting possibilities in virtually all markets with new tastes and applications being thought up all the time. With our massage and marinating solutions you can process small batches in line, either wet or dry, larger or smaller products, with or without bone and with or without additives.
In-line Marinating To enable food suppliers to meet increasing demand for marinated and massaged poultry products, Marel offers a unique in-line marinating solution, which is both quick and easy.
Injecting For over 40 years Townsend has established itself as the supplier of industry leading injecting equipment.
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