Deboning, Skinning & Trimming
K-Plus Engineering

Whole Leg Deboning

DE-BONED LEG MEAT CREATES PROFIT OPPORTUNITIES The whole leg de-boning system can be positioned in-line alongside Stork’s ACM-NT cut-up line. A re-hanger transfers anatomic legs, produced in the cut-up system’s JLR module, automatically to the adjacent de-boning line. The configuration of the system will depend on the end products you want to make. A combination of automated modules and manual cutting and checking stations provides the flexibility necessary for remaining ahead of changes in the market. You can produce high yield skinless and skin on products. When combined with various automated high speed slicing solutions, de-boned leg meat offers very opportunities for making very profitable products.

Thigh/Drumstick Deboning

PRODUCING PROFITABLE HIGH YIELD PRODUCTS De-boned poultry meat is infinitely versatile both as fresh meat as raw material for further processed products. We are unique in having automatic in-line solutions for thigh and drumstick skinning, deboning and meat harvesting. The various modules can by combined allowing the flexible production of a variety of end products. When combined with various automated high speed slicing solutions, de-boned poultry meat offers very profitable product opportunities.

Breast Cap Filleting

PRODUCING HIGH YIELD, HIGH QUALITY FILLET PRODUCTS Since its launch, the modular AMF-BX breast cap filleting system has been continuously further developed both technically and technologically. The number of products possible with the system has become ever larger, the number of necessary manual operations ever fewer and the cuts ever more advanced. The result is a very flexible system allowing you to produce all kinds of high quality fillet products with the highest possible yields. There are also several modules available for the processing of valuable by products.

Front Half Filleting

AUTOMATICALLY HARVESTING FIRST-CLASS FILLET PRODUCTS Since its launch, the highly robust, stable and modular Front Half Filleting system FHF-BX has been upgraded several times. This has resulted in an increase in the number of fillet product options offering unbeatably high yields. Manual operations have been reduced to a minimum. Once front halves have been loaded onto product carriers, which can be raised, lowered and rotated, all kinds of automatic operations can be performed on them. These operations will depend on the type of end-product you want to make. With no need for manual labor, FHF-XB releases harvested product automatically and in a controlled manner onto a belt conveyor, which takes them to the next process

Deboning, Skinning & Trimming

ENDLESSLY VERSATILE HIGH YIELD END PRODUCTS Good deboning is all about high yields, high quality and safe end products. To that we add limitless versatility in the end products possible and the processing of valuable by products. Thanks to technical and technological refinements the number of end product options has become ever larger, the number of manual operations fewer and the cuts possible more complex. As a result, the system’s yield has kept on increasing. All Stork Poultry Processing deboning systems are modular and offer (semi-)automated solutions for virtually all de-boning operations. By adding SensorX and smart fillet handling belts you achieve the highest possible product safety.