Evisceration Process
K-Plus Engineering
Automatic Fat Remover Automatic Fat Remover installed in the evisceration line for the removal of excess fat


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With good evisceration you safeguard the quality of your end products. Our evisceration equipment, from vent cutting through actual evisceration itself up to final inspection and cleaning of the carcass, offers the highest possible yields and hygiene standards available in the industry. The system is completely modular. We can put together the perfect evisceration system for all needs and processing capacities. With Nuova, the heart of a modern evisceration department, you lay the foundation for harvesting valuable giblets in the best way possible.
Final Inspection Machine FIM RotoVAC RS New high performance Final Inspection Machine developed specifically for the highest speed lines.
Inside/outside washer RW-16 RS The inside/outside washer RW-16 RS washes products both inside and out in the evisceration line.
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Neck cracker N-20 RS Neck cracker Reference Series removes the neck from the carcass without damaging the neck skin at higher capacities.
Neck skin inspection machine Outstanding performance in removing residual crop, esophagus, trachea or thymus glands from the neck skin
Neck Skin Trimmer RNT-16 RS The Neck Skin Trimmer Reference Series automatically trims neck skin to the required length, a contribution to good product presentation.
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Nuova eviscerator Nuova eviscerator is world famous by its ability to combine high drawing performance with hanging the viscera pack in a separate viscera pack line for giblet harvesting.
Opening machine VO-20 RS Applies an accurate opening cut to the abdominal skin of broilers allowing intestine packs to be drawn out cleanly and without damage.
Vent Cutter VC-16 RS High performance accurate vent cutter, designed for high capacity lines. Works hand-in-hand with the new Opening Machine VO-20 RS.
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