Live Bird Handling
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Live Bird Handling
GOOD PROCESSING STARTS WITH PERFECT SHED TO SHACKLE LOGISTICS Smooth-running logistics in the supply and dispatch of product make a very significant contribution to the overall efficiency of a poultry processing plant. The modular Stork Poultry Processing GP Live Bird Handling System provides effective and animal-welfare friendly conditions for loading and transporting birds. The system’s in-plant logistics meet and even surpass the highest demands as far as line speed, hygiene and durability are concerned. The GP Live Bird Handling System is modular and offers solutions for all capacities and levels of automation. It safeguards bird quality, saves labor, improves ergonomics and is the best possible start to your process. Its various cleaning options limit any risk of contamination to a minimum.
GP live bird supply system Efficient modular container supply system for complete handling of live birds from grower to the processing plant, offering different levels of automation.
Live bird supply systems for crates Complete supply systems for live poultry using individual or stacked crates
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