Red Meat Harvesting
K-Plus Engineering
DMM Minced Meat System Range of advanced meat recovery systems that recapture wholesome meat from bones of pork, beef and lamb as 3 mm ground meat.
MRS Meat Harvesting System Range of meat recovery systems that obtain MSM meat from pork, beef or poultry bones by using friction of the bones and pressure in order to force the meat to escape through the slotted rings
ProFIVE Versatile Meat Harvesting System The Pro-Series is Marel’s most advanced meat harvesting range to date. Marel is the global market leader in linear press technology for harvesting residual meat. With the ProFIVE, Marel again proves why this is so.

Red Meat Harvesting

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ProTEN Marel’s most advanced meat harvesting system to date with an unprecedented capacity and capable of producing different product qualities..
Pig Head Deboner An innovative solution for the semi-automatic deboning of whole pig heads.
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