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A CHOICE OF TECHNOLOGIES TO GIVE THE PERFECT SCALD The scalding process will largely determine the appearance, colour and visual quality of the end product and can also influence yield and shelf life. Stork Poultry Processing scalding systems ensure optimum heat transfer and precise temperature control, two vital characteristics of a first class scalding system. Marel Stork offers two different scalding technologies: Counterflow immersion scalding – products are scalded immersed in hot water which is agitated by air. Products enter at one end of the system; water at the other to give a cleaner process AeroScalding – an innovative highly energy-efficient way of scalding using forcefully circulated moisturized hot air to scald broilers Both systems are modular, their size and configuration taking into account layout and the type of product and the hourly capacity to be processed. Systems can be extended by adding sections.
AeroScalder An innovative new technology using moisturized hot air to scald broilers
Immersion scalder Immersion scalder guarantees powerful water agitation and constant temperature of the scald water for an optimum plucking result
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