K-Plus Engineering
CAS SmoothFlow Straight line, smooth multiphase stunning technology for improved animal welfare and optimal control.
MultiPhase CAS A stunning system using a multi-phase controlled atmosphere for completing the process sequence, live bird supply, stunning and hang-on.
Water bath stunner Highly effective water bath electrical stunner to stun broilers and turkeys before the bleeding cut is applied
Water Bath Stunner PureSine PureSine, the new Water Bath Stunner type from Marel Stork, sets the new standard for electrical stunning.


EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS FOR ALL PRODUCTION CAPACITIES Stork Poultry Processing offers two methods for stunning poultry both of which comply fully with strict European regulations; high-frequency electrical water bath stunning and multi-phase controlled atmosphere stunning. The use of carbon dioxide in two phases as practiced in the multiphase CAS system is specifically mentioned in the list of stunning methods accepted without any additional requirements being necessary. The modular multi-phase CAS controlled atmosphere stunning system connects perfectly to the GP live bird handling system and is especially suitable for higher processing speeds. Both methods ensure an effective stun, an important pre-condition for an automatic kill cut..
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