Viscera Handling
K-Plus Engineering
Gizzard Harvester MG-150 The MG-150 Gizzard Harvester automatically separates the gizzard from viscera pack remnants and removes the inner skin.

Viscera Handling

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Edible giblets offer profitable options in many markets.

We offer various solutions for handling giblets. The Nuova eviscerator re-hangs

the drawn viscera pack to a separate viscera pack line for manual, semi or fully

automated giblet harvesting. Suspension of the pack from a shackle with the

intestines hanging downwards and away from the edible giblets prevents contamination

and ensures optimum giblet quality.

Edible giblets are separated from the non edible parts manually, semi-automatically of completely automatically,

depending on the arrangement chosen.

Heart/lung Harvester (HLH) As part of the evisceration process the heart lung harvester separates heart and lungs from the esophagus and gizzard.
Heart/lung Separator (HLS) The HLS-9000 heart/lung separator for broilers and the HLS-T for turkeys automatically separate the lungs from the heart.
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Pack Liver Harvester The Pack Liver Harvester, part of a Nuova giblet harvesting system, removes the liver from the viscera pack.
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PGI-Nuova intestine/gall-bladder This component of a Nuova giblet harvesting system cuts the intestines from the gizzard and the gall bladder from the liver.
Automatic gizzard processing system With a perfect gizzard processing system in place tuned to your production capacity, plant logistics and product requirements, gizzards become a very interesting end product.
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