Production Management
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Production Management
CRUCIAL INFORMATION AND CONTROL FOR EVERY PROCESSOR Complex, high capacity processing requires ever more production control and management information. When it comes to optimizing profits and overall production performance, we provide a complete IT solution. At various stages in the process birds are assessed for various quality aspects. To begin with, the focus is on each anatomic part of the bird to detect downgrades caused, for example, by skin damage, wing breakage or discoloration. The modular software package can cover the complete value chain in the production cycle, from the receipt of input material right up to dispatch of the end product, providing all key performance indicators relating to almost every stage in the process. The package offers support to management, sales, production and technical departments.
Product Information and Distribution PDS-NT is an intelligent production control and information system for Stork equipment focusing strongly on those parts of the process where products are transported in a shackle suspended from the overhead track.
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Innova Software Innova is an intelligent production control software designed to monitor and manage the complete production value chain, from the reception of raw materials to dispatch of finished product.