Innova Software
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Innova Weigh Price Labelling

Manages Marel weigh price labellers on site, ensuring real-time control and monitoring of labelling, order processing, boxing and palletising

Innova Software

MONITORS THE COMPLETE VALUE CHAIN IN REAL-TIME Innova is an intelligent production control software designed to monitor and manage the complete production value chain, from the reception of raw materials to dispatch of finished product. Innova provides key performance indicators (KPIs) relating to every stage of processing, enabling users to control, measure and monitor virtually every aspect of the production process. These KPIs may relate to yield, throughput and efficiency, giveaway and loss of sales, product quality, stock levels and movements, traceability and profitability. Innova supports every aspect of the production process, including end-to-end traceability, order processing, quality control, and inventory management of raw material, work in progress, finished goods, dry goods and consumables. Innova can share data with accounting or ERP systems for order processing and inventory management, as well as customers, suppliers and product masters.

Innova Integration Services

Enables Innova to interact with third-party systems and syncronise master data between multiple systems in different locations.

Innova Packing Lite

Standalone module for tracing elaborate barcodes, can be upgraded to become part of an integrated Innova production control system.

Innova Portioning

Control module for portioning machines, enabling users to analyse and optimise their portioning process.

Innova Packing

Advanced packing and labelling module with full inventory, order processing and palletising capabilities.

Innova Grading

Controls and monitors grading operations in real-time.

Innova Grading

Controls and monitors grading operations in real-time.

Innova Yield Control

Monitors processing line yields in real-time.

Innova Trimming

Controls and monitors flowlines and manual trimming lines in real-time.

Innova Labeling

Innova Labeling makes it much easier to manage raw materials and products throughout the production value chain. It enables you to control and automate your labeling process from receiving to dispatch, and create labels that fit both your customer and production needs.
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