Wing Processing
K-Plus Engineering
ACM-NT WingTipper HP Being a module in the ACM- NT cut-up system, the Wing Tipper HP cuts over 99% of wing tips.
Wing cutting modules Various wing cutting modules are available for cutting whole wings and/or first wing joints.
Wing stretching module NT A module in the ACM-NT cut-up system, the NT wing stretching module stretches wings, which could have become misshapen during maturation or chilling.
Wingstick module Part of the cut-up system, the Wingstick module produces an attractive wing snack; first joint with a bone “handle”.

Wing Processing

VERSATILE, FLEXIBLE HIGH YIELD PROCESSING OPTIONS A good cut-up system combines optimal flexibility with high yield, consistent cut quality and limitless end product options. Our modular ACM-NT cut-up system includes a full selection of wing cutting modules offering the best anatomical cuts and highest yields in the industry. The various modules allow you to produce all current wing products including those necessitating an anatomic cut, not forgetting our special Wingstick option. Almost all wing processing modules can be fitted with manual and/or automatic height adjustment.
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