Killing & Defeathering
K-Plus Engineering
Stunning Stork Poultry Processing offers two methods for stunning poultry both of which comply fully with strict European regulations; high-frequency electrical water bath stunning and multi-phase controlled atmosphere stunning.
Killing The K-15 killer applies an effective kill cut at the highest processing speeds giving perfect bleed-out.
Scalding The scalding process will largely determine the appearance, colour and visual quality of the end product and can also influence yield and shelf life.

Killing & Defeathering

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Defeathering Latest addition to Stork Poultry Processing range of A-frame pluckers/plucker finishers (pickers/finishers).
Feet Processing The feet processing system is suitable for processing at the highest line speeds and consists of a number of modules, allowing the ideal combination to be put together for each customer.
Rehanging At higher capacities and line speeds a transfer system using the mechanical coupling ensures that both lines run the same speed. With one to one transfer there are no empty shackles with high line efficiencies as a result.
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